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before you begin

There are a few housekeeping tasks that you should address before proceeding with the lessons in this User Guide.

Backup your product files

Before you do anything else, we recommend that you make a backup copy of your downloaded P7_PMM.zip product archive - to keep in a safe place.

Note: If you haven't already done so, unzip the P7_PMM.zip product archive using a Zip utility program such as WinZip, Stuffit Expander, or the Zip utility built into Windows XP.

Included Files

The P7_PMM.zip archive contains three files:

  1. readme_first.htm
  2. license.htm
  3. P7_PMM_102.mxp

Work in a defined Dreamweaver site

A defined Dreamweaver site allows you to organize all of the web pages and assets associated with a particular website. A defined Dreamweaver site also allows Dreamweaver and Pop Menu Magic to manage links, images, and CSS files relating to your menu. When you insert a PMM menu on your page, that page must first be saved inside a properly defined Dreamweaver site.

To set up or manage a Dreamweaver site, choose Site > Manage Sites...

Manage Sites window

If you are not familiar with how to setup or manage a Dreamweaver site, click the Help button in the Manage Sites window to open a Dreamweaver Help topic specifically tailored to your Dreamweaver version - or you can follow our Defining a Site in Dreamweaver tutorial.

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