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modifying an existing menu item

The Pop Menu Magic system allows you to easily add, modify, and delete any of the items in your menu at any time. You can also move existing items, or entire menu sections, at any time using the convenient Grab and Drop feature.

This tutorial will demonstrate how to modify a menu item in an existing menu.

-Open a page that contains a Pop Menu Magic Menu.

Open the PVII Pop Menu Magic interface

-Click the Pop Menu Magic by PVII icon in the Common category of the Insert Toolbar.

The PopMenu Magic toolbar icon

-The Modify PVII Pop Menu Magic interface will open:

The PopMenu Magic Modify interface

Select the menu item to modify

For this exercise we will modify the first link under Section 2.

-Click the plus sign (+) to the left of the Section 2 menu item to expand the sub-menu.

Expanding the Section 2 menu item

-Click Link 2.1 menu item.

The Link Text and Link Url boxes are populated with the attributes we will be modifying.

The Link Text and Link Url entry boxes

Change the Link Text

-Delete the existing text inside the Link Text box.

-Replace it with My Page.

-Press your Tab Key or click inside the next entry box (the Link Url box) to refresh the display.

The menu list will now reflect your changes to the Link Text.

Chane the link text

Change the Link Url

All pre-defined or newly added menu items have their link Url set to a hash mark (#). This is a placeholder link only and should be changed to an actual page link as soon as possible.

You can enter the hyperlink directly into the Link Url box or you can use the Browse button.

-Click the Browse button to open the Select The File To Link dialog.

The Select The File to Link dialog

-Navigate to and select the page that you wish to link to and click the OK button.

The new url will be reflected in Link Url box.

Finishing Up

This menu item is now modified.

-Repeat these steps to modify any other menu items you wish. When you're done, click the OK button to apply the menu changes to your page.

Click the OK button

The system will revise the html menu markup on your page to reflect your changes.

-You can preview and test the menu changes now (F12).

The TeeBorder style page preview

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