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editing menu styles

Pop Menu Magic uses CSS for styling. You have total control over your menu's appearance at all times. This section of the User Guide contains a series of tutorials that will show you just how easy it is to change the look of your PMM menu using Dreamweaver's built-in CSS Editor window.

The tutorials will use a Vertical PMM menu with the Basic menu style. The Basic style was designed to be flexible and is your best choice to use as a starting point for customizing a menu.

Choosing the Basic Style for a Vertical Menu

Lessons in this section

This section contains tutorials covering the following topics:

Important note about style sheets

You should not add styles to your Pop Menu Magic style sheets that are not related to the menu. Keep all of your page layout styles in a separate style sheet. The reason is simple - should you ever decide to change menu styles in the PMM Interface, the system will replace the menu style sheet related to the original menu style with a style sheet that relates to the new menu style you chose to replace it with.

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