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Welcome to the online Pop Menu Magic User Guide. This document is structured in a tutorial-based format with major sections covering all of the topics necessary to get you up and running quickly and easily.

New Section Added: 03-April-07

CSS Rules Glossary

Getting Started

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After guiding you through the basic system installation and setup processes, this section will walk you through the menu creation process. You will be introduced to the PMM (Pop Menu Magic) User Interface as you create your first menu.

Managing Menu Items

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The Managing Menus section contains a series of tutorials that take you through the following processes:

  1. Modifying Menu Items
  2. Adding New Menu Items
  3. Adding New Sub-Menu Levels
  4. Moving Menu Items

Auto Generating Menus

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One of Pop Menu Magic's most extraordinary features is its ability to automatically generate menu sections or complete menus based on your site's file structure. This section will walk you through the processes involved.

Editing Menu Styles

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You always have total control over how your menu looks. This section will step you through the process of editing menu styles using Dreamweaver's built-in CSS editor.

Site-Wide Management

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Pop Menu Magic menus integrate seamlessly into Dreamweaver Templates. Never again will you need to worry about adding behaviors to a body tag locked by Dreamweaver Templates. You can even insert menus into editable regions of template child pages if your main template does not already contain a menu. Pop Menu Magic also works well with Server-Side Includes. Our Includes Tutorial will step you through the creation of an include file and deployment in your pages.

Advanced Current Marker

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This section contains several tutorials that show you how to use the Advanced Current Marker system to set or modify the way the Pop Menu magic system applies the current mark to menu items to indicate the current page and its path in the menu.

Pop Menu Magic Add-Ons

Additional tools, utilities, and page designs tailor made for Pop Menu Magic.

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