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Using the URL Match Marking Option

How it works

The URL Match option allows you to select the link value (the href) of any one of the existing links in the Pop Menu Magic system as the "target" for the current marker. When the page loads, the system will look for this link value in the menu markup. If a match is found it will apply the current marker style class (p7PMmark) to the menu link and to all of its parent menu sections.

The simplest and most direct method for Advanced Current Marking is to use the Text Option. However, there may be occasions where you have duplicate text values in the menu. Text values like "Overview" and "Introduction" are likely to appear more than once in the menu. In these cases, you can use the URL match option to target a specific link for current marking.

This feature should only be used on pages that are NOT linked in the menu. The Advanced Current Marker is designed to address current marking only for those pages that are not represented in the menu. If the page does have a corresponding link in the menu then that link will be used by the default current marker instead.

Opening the Advanced Current Marker

-Choose Commands > Studio VII > PopMenu Magic by PVII > Advanced Current Marker...

Selecting Advanced Current Marker in the Commands Menu

The Advanced Current Marker user interface will open.

The Advanced Current Marker Interface

The interface has four options from which to choose. The radio button to the left of each option determines which option is currently active. The default setting is always the first option.

Select the Current Marker Option

-Click on the third radio button to select the URL Match option.

Seleting the URL Match Option

Select the URL to Match

The URL Match option includes a drop down listing of the link value (href) of the all of the links in the menu.

For this example, let's assume that you have a page that pertains to the "Extensions List " section, but this page is not represented as an item in the menu.

-Select extensions_list.htm in the listing.

Selected URL Match Option

This tells the system to look for the link value (href) in the menu that contains extensions_list.htm. When it finds the match it will apply the current marker style, the p7PMmark class to the matched menu item and also to all of its parent links in the menu.


-Click the OK button to apply the selected Advanced Current Marker to the current page.

Click the OK button

-You can preview and test the menu now.

Note: to preview this feature, you will need to save your page and open it directly in the browser. Dreamweaver's Preview in Browser feature will not work because it uses special temporary files.

The borwser preview

Even though the current page is NOT represented by a link in the menu, the link we specified, Extensions List , is set as the current mark because the link value (href) of the Extensions List menu item matches to the URL we specified.

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