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defining a dreamweaver site

This tutorial is provided as a courtesy for beginning Dreamweavers users and describes how to define a web site in Dreamweaver MX 2004 or higher.

Launch the Manage Sites dialog

To begin the process, you'll open Dreamweaver's Manage Sites dialog.

-Choose Site > Manage Sites...

Manage Sites window

-Click the New... button.

A little popup will appear under the New button with two options.

Manage Sites window - New Button

-Click the Site option.

The Site Definition wizard will open. To continue working in the wizard format, make sure the Basic tab is selected.

What would you like to name your site?
-Enter Pop Menu Magic Site (or a meaningful name of your choice) in the answer box.

Wizard screen 1

-Click Next>

Note: Dreamweaver will create your new site folder for you. Simply enter the name.

Do you want to work with a server technology such as ColdFusion, ASP.NET, ASP, JSP, or PHP?
-For this tutorial, select the No radio button.

Wizard screen 2

-Click Next>

How do you want to work with your files during development?
-Select the Edit local copies on my machine... radio button.

Where on your computer do you want to store your files?
-You can enter a path and folder name manually or use the browse button to select an existing folder or to create a new one on any of your drives.

Wizard screen 3

-Click Next>

How do you connect to your remote server?

-For now, choose None.

Wizard screen 4

-Click Next>

Note: When you are ready to publish your site, get the connection information from your hosting company. Edit the site by opening the Manage Site dialog, select this site, then click the Edit button. Change the setting in this screen from None to FTP and you will be able to enter the server address, login, and password to connect to your remote server.

This screen summarizes your site definition parameters.

Wizard screen 5

-Click Done

The Wizard closes and your new site appears in the Manage Sites window.

New Site appears in Manage Sites Window

-Click Done

Your new site appears in your Files panel and is your currently selected Dreamweaver site.

Files panel

Create a new document and save it in your new site

-Choose File > New

The New Document window will open.

-Select Basic page from the Category list.

-Select HTML from the Basic page list.

New Doc dialog

-Click Create

A new document will open, but it is not yet saved. For Dreamweaver and Pop Menu Magic to manage your files and assets, the file must be saved in the site.

-Choose File > Save As

The Save As window will open.

The Save in box should be set to Pop Menu Magic Site. If it's not, browse to your new site folder and select it.

-Enter index in the File name box.

Save As dialog

-Click Save

Your new file appears in the Files panel.

Files panel with new file

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