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Installing the PopMenu Magic Extension

Before getting started with the User Guide tutorials, you'll need to install the PVII Pop Menu Magic extension into Dreamweaver. The extension installation file, P7_PMM_102.mxp, is located in your P7_PMM archive folder. The .mxp file extension is used for all Dreamweaver extensions. Installing the extension requires using the Macromedia Extension Manager, a program installed with Dreamweaver.

Open the Extension Manager

-In Dreamweaver, choose Commands > Manage Extensions. The Macromedia Extension Manager interface will open.

The Macromedia Extension Manager interface

There are rare occasions when the Manage Extensions item in the Dreamweaver menu is unavailable (grayed out). If this is the case, navigate to the extension file (P7_PMM_102.mxp) using Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. Double-click the extension file to launch Extension Manager.

If you encounter any Mac OS9 issues then have a look at our Mac OS9 installation issues tutorial.

-Be sure that your most current working Dreamweaver version is selected in the application drop down list.

Select products listing

Install the Extension

-Choose File > Install Extension

The Select Extension to Install dialog will open

-Navigate to your Pop Menu Magic archive folder and select the P7_PopMenu_102.mxp file.

Note: The _102 in the file name represents the Pop Menu Magic version number. This number could be different if a Pop Menu Magic update is released. Always install the latest version.

-Click the Install button. The installation will begin.

-Click the Accept button on the License screen to continue the installation.

-When the installation is complete, a dialog will inform you that you must close and re-start Dreamweaver in order for the changes to take effect.

-Click the OK button.

You should now see the PVIII PopMenu Magic extension listed in the Extension Manager.

Close and Restart Dreamweaver

-Close the Extension Manager

-Close Dreamweaver

-Restart Dreamweaver.

Your new extension is now properly installed and ready for use.

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