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Tutorials and Articles

There might be times when product-specific tutorials are not yet integrated into the listing below. To ensure that you can find all available tutorials, please also reference the relevant product's home page, as well as the Project Seven home page.

Page Building Tools



  • Create a search engine for your Dreamweaver website
    Zoom is a software package that allows you to create a powerful custom search engine for your website. It is unlike other search solutions in that it gives you full control over its indexing capabilities, and there is no advertising or annual fees. It is also easy to use and install - you can literally have your new search engine up and running in minutes. An accessible web site should have a good search engine.



  • PMM3 Fixed Position on Scroll
    Set a menu option that fixes the position of your menu when it reaches the top of the browser window. Content will then scroll behind the menu, which will always be accessible.... no matter how much the page is scrolled.
  • Site-Wide Management
    Dreamweaver Templates, Library Items and Server-Side Includes allow you to manage repeating sections of your web pages in a central file. The tutorials listed below will help you to deploy your PVII Menu system or widgets using any of those methods.


  • Add ".WOFF" MIME type on Windows Server
    If you are using embedded fonts and your server is a Windows server, you may need to configure the woff file type for them to be properly served to MS IE9.