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IIS Mime Type Setup for .woff Files

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If you are using embedded fonts and your server is a Windows server, you may need to configure the woff file type for them to be properly served to MS IE9. If you have a shared server, simply ask your hosting company to set up the woff file extension as: .woff - application/x-woff.

If you are running your own Windows server, or a dedicated Windows server, you can easily set up the file mime type on the server.

Add a new MIME type on Windows Server

Log into your server through Terminal Services or Remote Desktop Connection.

Click Start, select Programs, and then click Administrative Tools.

For IIS 5.0 click Internet Services Manager.

For IIS 6.0 (or higher) click Internet Information Services.

In the left column you will see the Server Name.

In IIS 5.0, expand the Server Name to find your domain name.

In IIS 6.0 (or higher), expand the Server Name and then Web Sites to find your domain name.

If you would like to add the MIME type to a specific website, right-click on the domain name and select Properties. If you would like to add MIME types globally to all websites on the server, right-click Web Sites and select Properties.

On the HTTP Headers tab click MIME Types.

Click New.

Enter .woff for Extension and application/x-woff for MIME Type

Click Ok.

You may need to restart the IIS service for the MIME type to begin working. Click Start, select Run, and type command to open a command prompt. Type iisreset and press Enter. This will stop the IIS service and then automatically restart it, a process that should take from 10-30 seconds.