For Creative Cloud Apps Adobe no longer supports an Adobe Extension Manager. We have developed our own PVII Extension Manager for Windows that will install extensions into Creative Cloud apps.

PVII Extension Manager installs on Windows systems, providing a means for you to install or remove Extensions (add-ons) for Adobe Creative Cloud applications—including Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, and more. PVII Extension Manager will install any valid extension from any developer, and It works with all Creative Cloud versions up to CC 2021.

Current Version 0.2.7

Choose your operating system (Windows or Mac) from the tabs above, and then follow the instructions for downloading and installing PVII Extension Manager.

PVII Extension Manager install for Windows

Important -If updating to a new version:

  • -Before installing the new version, you should delete the folder containing your previous version. It will no longer be needed.
  • -If your previous version is represented with a Task Bar icon delete it, as it will reference the older version.


1. Download the PVII Extension Manager .zip file for Windows, and uncompress it to a location of your choice—your desktop, for instance.


2. Open the uncompressed folder in Windows File Explorer

3. Double-click the PVIIexman application file (the last file in the list)

Windows will launch a security alert. In Windows 10, it looks like this:

4. Click the More Info link and you will see a new link show up on the bottom called Run anyway

5. Click the Run anyway link

The application will then launch.

Note: Extensions installed with 3rd party extension managers that use non-Adobe databases, will not appear, though they will likely continue to work. If you want, you can simply re-install those extensions using the PVII Extension Manager, and they will show up in the listing.

Note: To install an extension, click the Install button and browse to the ZXP installer file in the unzipped folder you downloaded when you either purchased or re-downloaded your product.

Now that the application is running, you will see its icon on your Windows task bar

6. You can now right-click the icon and choose "Pin to task bar".

Dreamweaver CC 2021 for Mac -Important Note:

The Adobe ExMan extension installer utility forMac that is used by both PVII and the Anastasiy Extension Managers has serious bugs that prevent the proper installation of any extension into Dreamweaver 2021. Even though the extension manager shows a successful install the actual extension files are never added to Dreamweaver. We are waiting for Adobe to fix this issue. Until then you should use the free DMXZone Extension Manager which does not rely on the Adobe internals:

Download DMXzone Extension Manager


Anastasiy’s Extension Manager for Mac OSX -for CC 2020 and earlier

Important Note:

We are no longer providing Mac versions of our PVII Extension Manager. For all Mac OSX versions, including 10.15 (Catalina) Adobe recommends using the free Anastasiy’s Extension Manager for Adobe. We have fully tested this extension manager and it works perfectly for all of our extensions.

Download Anastasiy’s Extension Manager


Additional Info

The PVII and Anastasiy Extension Managers both use the Adobe Exman core module for installing the extension. There may be cases where the Adobe CC internals or extension database have become corrupted or are causing issues that prevent the extension installation. In these cases we recommend using the DMXzone Extension Manager. It does not rely on Adobe CC internals to install the extension and as such may not be affected the the internal issues. We have fully tested this extension manager and it will work with all of our extensions.

Note: Since the DMXzone EM does not use the Adobe database you will not see already installed extensions in the interface listing, you will only see the extension you have installed using this extension manager. This causes no issues, and you can always re-install any extension so that it appears in the listing.

Important -CS6 and under

PVII Extension Manager is designed for Adobe Creative Cloud versions only. If you are running CS6 (or earlier) versions of Adobe products, you should continue to use the Adobe Extension Manager that came with your product.

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