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Lightshow Magic tweaks and inspirations

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These examples are meant to illustrate some interesting and useful ways to tweak your Lightshows. Some of them contain instructions, while others are simply examples. To see how an example was made, examine the source code and the CSS files and look for the changes. If you need help, log on to our PVIIWEBDEV newsgroup and start a discussion.

Lightshows and PVII Widgets

PVII Widgets can be perfect containers for your Lightshows. Let's see how that works...

Lighshow Inspiration

Lightshow Wallhanging Gallery: Deploy Lightshow in a virtual room with 3 groupings of wall frames.

Lightshow Behaviors

Lightshow comes with a suite of Behaviors to control various actions.

Minimal Deployments

Lightshow Magic can be deployed with minimal features.

  • Minimalist 1: No page dimming | No animations
  • Minimalist 2: Thumbnails are hidden and a link to launch the TOC is added.