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Lightshow Magic in Accordion Panel

Launch Show

The objective is to have a link, as we have above, that launches the Lightshow. The link can be text or an image. The actual LSM thumbnails are hidden. Since they are going to be hidden, we've set their size to 1px by 1px for fast downloading. To hide the thumbnails, we use this rule:

.p7LSM01 .p7LSM_wrapper {display: none;}

To launch the show, we select the text (or image) link above and we open our Behaviors panel. We then open the Behaviors menu and choose:

Studio VII > Lightshow Magic > PVII Lightshow Magic - Control Actions

Choose a Lightshow from the Lightshow select list

Set Action to Go to Slide Number...

Enter a Slide Number

Click OK

You might also want to set the TOC to open with the show to provide some nice orientation for your users. You can find that option in the UI. We've set it for this example.

  • 001
  • 004
  • 005
  • 006