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PVII Lightshow Magic

Lightshow Magic is the ultimate presentation tool plugin for Dreamweaver

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Lightshow Magic works inside Dreamweaver and automatically creates beautifully styled shows that can consist of photos, images, content, text, and more. It's perfect for slide shows and image galleries, as well as for powerful and engaging business presentations.

Automated User Interface

Lightshow Magic installs into Dreamweaver and provides you with a graphical user interface in which to create your Lightshows. The scope of options available in the user interface puts you in complete control over the look of your Lightshows—and you can create as many Lightshows per page as you want.


It's so easy. Add your slides, select your options—then click OK!

Lightshow Magic User Interface

Feature Highlights

  • Automated interface-driven creation process
  • Create as many Lightshows as you want on a single page
  • Default support for keyboard navigation
  • Automatically generated Tables of Contents and User Help boxes
  • Supports image slides and content slides
  • Insert inside any type of container on your page
  • Thumbnails and content trigger links will conform to the dimensions of your insertion container in a perfect matrix
  • Insert inside PVII widgets, such as Accordion Panels, Elevator Panels, or Tab Panels
    See our live demos for some ideas and inspiration.
  • Process thumbnail and full-size images with Fireworks or import existing images created in any image editor, such as Photoshop
  • Choose from several animation and positioning options
  • Add captions and additional descriptions (which can include any type of valid markup)
  • Choose from several Play Modes. Launch in Auto Play mode and it will work like a slide show. Set it to loop or to stop an the last slide. You can even set one Lightshow on your page to advance to another Lightshow on the same page.
  • Choose from 6 included style themes. Each Lightshow on your page can be a different theme and you can change themes at any time
  • Lightshow Magic comes with a suite of control behaviors so that you can assign Lightshow behaviors to elements anywhere on your page. A behavior can easily be assigned, for example, to jump from one slide another.
  • PDF User Guide
  • User interface Context Help
  • Free Unlimited Tech Support


Dreamweaver MX 2004 through Dreamweaver CS6 (and up)

Fireworks version MX or higher is required for automatic image processing, as well as for editing toolbar images. If you do not have Fireworks, thumbnail and full-size images can be made in any image editor and then imported into your Lighshow.

Browser Support

Lightshow magic supports Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, IE6, IE7, IE8 (and higher)

Older browsers degrade gracefully. Content Slides appear inline in the page and image thumbnails link to their associated full-size versions.