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PVII Menu Systems

PVII is the leader in menu-building systems for Dreamweaver

Adaptive Menu Magic

The Ultimate Drop-Down Flyout Menu Builder for Dreamweaver

Information | Add to Cart: Full Version ($99)

Slide Out Menu

It's all about neatness, efficiency, and... hamburgers! Not the kind you eat, but the kind that represent the presence of a menu that you can summon with a click of your mouse or the tap of your finger. Presenting the amazing, hamburger driven off-canvas, slide-out menu by PVII. Hold the pickles, please.

Information | Add to Cart: Full Version ($95)

Overlay Menu Magic

The menu is designed to overlay on top of your page, and is opened or closed by clicking on the menu trigger. This design approach saves precious space in the actual web page and allows for the presentation of rich, mixed content in the sub menu panels to provide a highly engaging menu presentation. The Overlay Menu Magic system is an ideal navigation system for all mobile devices.

Information | Add to Cart: Full Version ($95)

Features that are unmatched, Dreamweaver automation that is unprecedented, and refinement that is unrivaled. Put it all together and you have the ultimate mega menu building tool.

Horizontal Mega Menu Magic

The ultimate responsive mega menu building tool for Dreamweaver

Information | Add to Cart: Full Version ($95)

Features that are unmatched, Dreamweaver automation that is unprecedented, and refinement that is unrivaled. Put it all together and you have the ultimate mega menu building tool.

Drop Menu Magic

The Drop Menu Magic system supports horizontal top-level menu items and a single sub-menu level that can be horizontal or vertical. It also supports a vertical accordion mode. The system is auto-responsive and can automatically convert to vertical accordion mode on smartphones. Drop Menu Magic comes with its own Page Pack (Affinity) but can be used on any page.

Information | Add to Cart: Affinity/DMM ($95)

Tree Menu Magic 3

The upgrade version requires that you own Tree Menu Magic 2 and that you have it installed

Information | Add to Cart: Full Version ($95) | Upgrade Version ($65)

A Responsive multi-level CSS tree menu system. Plant one today!

Compare all menu systems

Menu Systems Comparison

A comparison chart of features for all our menu systems.

Features chart

Use the chart below to compare important features at a glance:

  • PMM = Pop Menu Magic 2
  • Spry = Adobe Spry Menus
  • TMM = Tree Menu Magic 2
  • MEG = Megavator
  • Y = Yes
  • N = No
  • N/A = Not applicable
Feature PMM Spry TMM MEG
Fully Automated Graphical User Interface Y N Y Y
Cross-Browser/Platform Compatible Y N Y Y
Horizontal Menus Y Y N/A Y
Vertical Menus Y Y Y N
Collapsible Vertical Tree N/A N/A Y N/A
Style Themes Y N Y Y
Includes Semi-Transparent Style Theme Y N Y Y
Animated Sub-menus Y N Y Y
Multiple Menu Animation Types Y N Y Y
CSS Text-Based Y Y Y Y
<UL> Unordered List-based Markup Y Y Y Y
Image-Based Top Level Buttons Y N Y N
Sub-Menus can open upwards Y N N/A N
CSS Background Images Y N Y Y
Position Anywhere (embed in tables or DIVs) Y Y Y Y
Single Drop-down Sub-menu level Y Y Y Y
Multiple Sub-menu Levels Y Y Y N
"You are Here" Highlight Y N Y Y
Auto Template Integration Y Y Y Y
Insert in Template Child Pages Y N Y Y
Multiple Menus on Same Page Y Y Y Y
Background image animation N N N N
Auto Edge Detection to prevent flyout menus from going offscreen Y N N/A N
Advanced Positioning Options Y N N/A N
Fast-Load DOM Initializer for menu access before page fully loads Y N Y Y
CSS Hooks to all parts of the menu for advanced CSS Customization Y N Y Y
Sub-Menu Offsets controlled in UI with pixel-level precision Y N N/A N

Dreamweaver Compatibility

PVII Products work on both Windows and Mac operating systems and are compatible with Dreamweaver MX through Dreamweaver CS6 (and up).

How are PVII products delivered?

PVII products are delivered electronically. That is, once your online order form is submitted you will be able to download the product immediately.

How do I install my product?

That depends on the product. The process, however, is simple:

  • Make a copy of the downloaded product file, which is usually a Zip format file. Keep the backup in a secure place such as an external backup drive.
  • Unzip your product file
  • Look in the root of the unzipped archive for a readme_first file, which contains specific installation instructions and a link to a product User Guide or Help Files.

How do I get support?

Once you buy a PVII product, you have access to our full support system. For a complete description of all support options, see our main support page.

Can I pay with a check?

If you'd rather pay by check or money order, please use our Order Form