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Added ZXP installer format

ZXP installer now included for compatibility with Dreamweaver CC. Simply re-download your product and you will find a ZXP file that will enable you to install your product into Dreamweaver CC.



Tooltip Magic 1.3.4

Version 1.3.4

Version 1.3.4 addresses issues on the iPhone caused by changes in the way the current version of iOS handles positioning.

This update Also includes all prior updates:

Version 1.3.3

1.3.3 corrects a fallback issue for old versions of Internet Explorer in the Tooltip Magic style themes that employ RGBA transparency. It also revises the mobile device detection routines to exclude Microsoft Zune devices. To deploy this update, you need to install the update, restart Dreamweaver and then update your CSS and script file using the steps described at the bottom of this page. Any customizations you've made to the CSS will be overwritten.

Manually updating CSS to preserve customizations

If you need to preserve your CSS customizations, you can manually update the CSS file. This issue effects the following TTM style sheets:

  • p7TTM06.css
  • p7TTM07.css
  • p7TTM08.css
  • p7TTM09.css
  • p7TTM10.css
  • p7TTM11.css
  • p7TTM14.css
  • p7TTM15.css

Open the relevant style sheet and locate the second instance of the property background-color in the first CSS rule and change the property name to background. For instance, in p7TTM06.css change this:

background-color: rgba(18,158,204,.95);

To this:

background: rgba(18,158,204,.95);

That's it. The background color will now properly display in older versions of Internet Explorer.

Version 1.3.2

Major Features Update

Now auto detects mobile devices and shifts to click-only mode with a persistent close button

New positioning option Open Centered in Browser Window: Tooltip is centered both horizontally and vertically.

New positioning option Open with Lightshow Display: Tooltip opens and the underlying page is dimmed out. The tooltip is centered vertically and horizontally.

5 New Skins including one called The UnStyle, which allows your tooltip to adopt the styling of its content when using a named element on your page as the content target.

Revised style sheets to better leverage CSS3 features such as shadows and curved corners in today's browsers

Style Thems are now named instead of just numbered

Version 1.2.8

Added support for variable width widgets inside Tooltip content divs and enhanced support for Tab Panel Magic 2 widgets nested inside Tooltip content sources.

Version 1.2.6

New Features

1. Open Tooltip on Page Load
2. URL Opener support (anchors or parameters)
3. Control Behaviors
4. Use single content source for multiple tooltips
5. Align to cursor position option


Fixed AREA tag positioning support for IE7 and under browsers

Version 1.1.9

Trigger Delay Option

The optional Trigger Delay Timer can be set in the Tooltip Magic interface (Basic or Advanced) and provides a short delay from the time you hover over a tooltip trigger to when the tooltip pops up. This is an extremely useful feature to have when you have multiple tooltip triggers in close proximity to one another. One obvious scenario would be tooltips assigned to consecutive links in a list, such as you would have in a menu bar.

Maintenance Fixes

  • Added CSS workarounds to address minor cosmetic issues in IE6
  • Fixed issue with <INPUT> tagsto allow forms to be properly submitted

Do you need the update?

You only need to update If your current version is less then 1.3.4

To be certain, open Extension Manager and check your version number.

Downloading the updated version

To download the latest version, go to our customer service download center:

PVII Download Center

Follow the instructions to find your order or to have your order history sent to you. Once you locate your order, you will have access to the download.


  1. Unzip your download
  2. Install the extension using the Extension Manager
  3. When prompted to overwrite existing files or replace your existing version, choose Yes or Yes To All
  4. Restart Dreamweaver to complete the update process

Updating the Script File

You will need to replace the p7TTMscripts.js file linked to your page. By default, this file is inside the p7ttm folder at the same level as your page.

Updating the script

The system will generate a new, updated script file. Upload the new script file to your Web server.

Updating CSS

If you have not made any edits to your theme styles, you can delete the CSS file and have the system generate a new one.

The system will generate a new, updated CSS file for each tooltip on your page. Upload the new CSS file to your Web server. If you have made edits to your existing CSS file and want to keep it, that is fine. Your tooltips will still work.

That's it!