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Added ZXP installer format

ZXP installer now included for compatibility with Dreamweaver CC. Simply re-download your product and you will find a ZXP file that will enable you to install your product into Dreamweaver CC.



Pop Menu Magic 2 Build 1.5.3

Version 1.5.3

Fixes occasional error message on unload in old versions of IE.

Also includes 1.5.0, 1.51 and 1.5.2 Updates

Version 1.5.0 Adds automated support for mobile device sub-menu access. Smartphones and tablets are supported automatically. Version 1.5.1 addresses revisions to the user guide and provides a minor script tweak.

Also includes 1.4.9 updates

Optimizes animation for the IE9 script engine.

Also includes 1.4.8 updates

Also includes 1.3.6 updates

Allows running of the Advanced Current Marker utility on child pages of Dreamweaver templates

Also includes 1.3.5 updates

  1. Preserves user-defined <a> tag attributes, such as "_target" or "rel"
  2. Fixed issue with double quotes in <a> tag text markup
  3. Added new option "Activate Trigger links", which allows the user to choose whether trigger links are active or null.

Also includes 1.3.4 updates

Advanced IE DOM functions to initialize menu before page fully loads.

Also includes 1.3.2 updates

DOM-based fast-load module for modern browers.

Also includes 1.3.1 updates

Version 1.3.1 fixes an incorrect IE7 conditional comment for the vertical See-Through Style Theme.

Also includes 1.3.0 updates

Version 1.3.0 provides additional workarounds for legacy browsers IE5 and IE5.5 Windows.

Also includes Build 1.2.9 updates

Version 1.2.9 fixed an issue with the Advanced Current Marker command. In the original shipping version, the system was not recognizing the presence of an existing Advance Current Marker and, therefore, not opening the command interface in Modify Mode.

Do you need the update?

You only need to update If your current version is less than 1.5.3

To be certain, open Extension Manager and check your version number.

Downloading the updated version

To download the latest full version or upgrade version, 1.5.3, go to our customer service download center:

PVII Download Center

Follow the instructions to find your order or to have your order history sent to you. Once you locate your order, you will have access to the download.


  1. Unzip your download
  2. Install the extension using the Extension Manager
  3. When prompted to overwrite existing files or replace your existing version, choose Yes or Yes To All
  4. Restart Dreamweaver to complete the update process

Updating existing Menus