Menus can be horizontally oriented (like the one above) or vertically oriented, like the one below.

Rounded corners, shadows, and even transparencies are now easy-to-assign options in the user interface and require absolutely no CSS editing.


PMM3 is auto-responsive to give your visitors optimal usability on any device or browser. To see this feature in action, make your window as narrow as a smartphone while keeping a close eye on the menus. Responsive conversion has 3 user-selectable options in the interface: Accordion or Jump List. The main menu across the top of the page converts to an accordion, while the vertical menu in the sidebar converts to a jump list.

Rapid deployment

When your client calls at 4:00pm and says "Hey Joe, I really like that last design, but my marketing guys say it has to have a cool drop-down menu and it all has to look perfect on the boss's iPhone and his son's Kindle, and they need it ready for the staff meeting tomorrow." Instead of a panic attack followed by hours of coding, you can use PVII PMM3 to create a perfect menu in no time. Just add your menu items and spend a quiet evening with the family—with complete peace of mind.

PMM3 Features

  • Responsive and Mobile-Ready
  • New with Version 3.4.8: Fixed Position on Scroll Option. When the menu is scrolled to the top edge of the window, it becomes fixed so that it is always in view. This feature automatically turns off for smartphones to preserver important vertical space.
  • Phone conversion to an Accordion or Jump menu format
  • Automated interface (UI) inside Dreamweaver
  • Auto Converter to update existing PMM1 or PMM2 menus
  • Auto Converter for DMM Menus
  • New with Version 3.4.8: Auto Converter for any list-based mene, including jQuery or Spry menus
  • Easy Alignment options (left, right, or centered)
  • Window or menu edge detection
  • Easy integration into Affinity or Page Builder Magic 2 pages
  • Insert Multiple menus on a page
  • Included Breadcrumb Trail Builder (example in footer)
  • 8 thoroughly modern CSS style themes
  • Root menus can be either horizontal or vertical
  • CSS3 linear gradients used in place of background images
  • Optionally set rounded corners, transparency, or box-shadows in UI
  • Automatically highlights current page link
  • 9 Animation options
  • Advanced CSS3-based menu animations
  • Add images to menus
  • Add non-link titles to sub-menus

PMM3 is brought to you by PVII: the leader in responsive tools for Dreamweaver.