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Image Rotator Magic

The Ultimate Image and Banner Rotator for Dreamweaver

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Image Rotator Magic Features

The Image Rotator Magic system is a powerful, feature-rich Dreamweaver Extension that enables you to instantly create and manage one or more image/banner rotators on your page with the efficiency of standards-based CSS and markup—and without the overhead of Flash or the difficulties of open source script libraries.

Add or Import as many images as you want

Manage Panels and Controls

Images are loaded on demand with a special pre-loader so you can add as many images as you want with no impact on your page's load time.

Add custom descriptions and links

Customization Options

Each image can have an associated popup description and a specific hyperlink. Links on full-size images can be set to open in a new window if you so desire. A Target attribute can also be set if you are using frames or iframes.

Note: The Description box fully supports (x)html markup so you can add paragraphs and links.

Customize it with a rich set of Controls and options

Selectable and Customizable Style Themes

The following options are available in the Image Rotator Magic interface:


You can configure your rotator with a Paginator (paging) bar, a Pause/Play control, a full multimedia style toolbar or no controls at all. The optional Paginator or Pause/Play controls can be automatically positioned Above, Below, or Overlaid on top of your image.

—Page Load Options

Page Load options allow you set the starting image or to have the system create a random image order each time the page is loaded.

—Rotator Mode

Rotator mode determines how the images transition from one to the next when the system is in Play mode. Choose between Auto Reverse and Loop Back to First Image.

Use the Show Image for box to set the amount of time each image is displayed during the rotation, in milliseconds (1000 milliseconds = 1 second).


Enable Play on Startup if you want to have the image rotator start automatically when the page first loads.

The value you enter in the Show Initial Image For box controls the amount of time the first image is displayed.

The Description Closed option allows you to set the description to be in its closed state by default. The user can open or close the description at any time in the browser.

The Number of Rotations box allows you to enter the number of full cycles to run. This box is disabled (grayed out) by default and the No Limit-Play Continually option is turned on by default. To set a Number of Rotations, you must deselect the No Limit-Play Continually option.

The End Rotation On option allows you to choose the ending image when the Rotator has completed if a specified number of rotations has been set. You can choose Last Image or First Image.


You can select between 2 animation options: None or Fade. The default is Fade, which provides an elegant and smooth cross-fade from one image to the next.

The Duration option allows you to control the speed of the cross-fade animation.

—Mouse Actions

Select the Pause on Mouse Over option if you want the Rotator to pause when the user's mouse is over the image. The Rotator will automatically resume once the mouse is moved away from the image.

The Disable Right-Click on Rotator option suppresses the browser's right-click context menu when the user right-clicks the image. This option simply impedes casual users from easily copying or dragging the image. The browser context menu is only suppressed for the image and will continue to work normally on all other parts of the page.

—Style Theme

Image Rotator Magic includes 2 style themes: Light Toolbar and Dark Toolbar.

IRM Utilities and Extras

IRM comes with 2 handy utilities, a Remove command and a Control Behavior.

—IRM Control Behavior

The system includes a handy Dreamweaver Behavior that can be used to control the behavior of your widget from links or images anywhere on your page.

—IRM Remove Command

A handy Dreamweaver Command can be used to quickly and thoroughly remove any instance of IRM from your page.

Dreamweaver Template Support

IRM is fully compatible with Dreamweaver templates. You can insert one or more instances on a template (.dwt) page at any time. You can also insert one or more instances into a template-based page. The system will automatically detect the template and adjust to allow insertion into an editable region.


Dreamweaver MX, MX 2004, 8, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 or higher