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PVII Dreamweaver ExtensionsPVII is the leader in creative extensions for Dreamweaver

Extensions allow you to add new features and capabilities to Dreamweaver. Extensions extend Dreamweaver's abilities, so you can extend yours to do more with Dreamweaver. Project Seven has been leading the way in Dreamweaver Extension development since 1998 - with over 40 free and commercial extensions to make your job easier. PVII Extensions are thoroughly tested and our support and online communities are without peer.

How do I install an extension?

If you are using Dreamweaver version CS6 or earlier, just double-click the extension package (MXP or ZXP) file to start the installation process.

Dreamweaver CC 2015 Extension Installation Information

As of CC 2015, Adobe has ceased to support its own Extension Manager. Use the PVII Extension Manager:

PVII Extension Manager for Adobe CC

PVII Extension Manager installs on both Windows and Mac systems, providing a means for you to install or remove Extensions (add-ons) for Adobe Creative Cloud applications—including Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, and more. PVII Extension Manager will install any valid extension from any developer, and It works with all Creative Cloud versions from CC to CC 2015 (and beyond).

PVII Extension Manager for Adobe CC

Extension installer formats

Extension installer files come in 2 formats: MXP and ZXP. MXP is supported by Extension Manager versions MX, MX2004, 8, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5 and CS6. ZXP is supported by versions CS5.5 and higher. Dreamweaver CC has dropped support for the MXP format. To continue to support all Adobe customers, regardless of version, we include both the classic MXP and the new ZXP versions in new product releases. All existing products have now been updated to include a ZXP version.

To get the ZXP installer files you simply need to re-download your product(s) from the PVII Downloads Center


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