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[build 1.3.3] Added ZXP installer format

ZXP installer now included for compatibility with Dreamweaver CC. Simply re-download your product and you will find a ZXP file that will enable you to install your product into Dreamweaver CC.


Slide Show Magic v1.3.2 update

Fixes an image flicker caused by severe flaws in the Firefox rendering engine.

Also includes all prior updates:

Do you need the update?

You only need to update If your current version is less than 1.3.2

To be certain, open Extension Manager and check your version number.

To download the latest full version go to our customer service download center:

PVII Download Center

Follow the instructions to find your order or to have your order history sent to you. Once you locate your order, you will have access to the download.


  1. Unzip your download
  2. Install the extension using the Extension Manager
  3. When prompted to overwrite existing files or replace your existing version, choose Yes or Yes To All
  4. Restart Dreamweaver to complete the update process

To update existing Slide Shows

  1. Locate the p7ssm folder that Slide Show Magic created. This folder will be inside the same folder that contains your Slide Show Magic page. Open the folder and locate the script file p7SSMscripts.js and delete it. Dreamweaver will warn you that this file is used by one or more pages. Click Yes when asked if you'd like to Delete Anyway.
  2. Open the page(s) that contain your Slide Show(s). Open the Slide Show Magic interface as if you were going to modify your Slide Show. When the interface opens, simply click OK. The system will write an updated script file to your p7ssm folder.
  3. Repeat the above 2 steps for any other Slide Shows you may have in different folders or sites.