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Mobile Friendly Tables 1.0.5

We've added a CSS rule to hide column groups for phones. This results in smoother rendering of pivot tables

Do you need the update?

You only need to update If your current version is less then 1.0.4. To be certain, open Extension Manager and check your version number.

Downloading the updated version

To download the latest version, go to our customer service download center:

PVII Download Center

Follow the instructions to find your order or to have your order history sent to you. Once you locate your order, you will have access to the download.


  1. Unzip your download
  2. Install the extension using the Extension Manager
  3. When prompted to overwrite existing files or replace your existing version, choose Yes or Yes To All
  4. Restart Dreamweaver to complete the update process
  5. Locate the p7mft folder and delete the p7MFT-01.css file inside
  6. Select your table and open the interface as if you were going to edit it
  7. Make no changes. Simply click OK
  8. The system will create a newp7MFT-01.css file
  9. Upload the new script file to your server

Previous Updates

MFT 1.0.4

Corrects a CSS rule that affects alignment of the first field in a top-header data table conversion.