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Added ZXP installer format

ZXP installer now included for compatibility with Dreamweaver CC. Simply re-download your product and you will find a ZXP file that will enable you to install your product into Dreamweaver CC.



Column Composer Magic 2.5.3

Updated p7ccm/p7ccm-responsive.css file. In smartphone media query, changed max-width from 719px to 700px.

Also includes prior updates

2.5.1: Corrections to Responsive CSS File. Fixed typos in CSS comments. Also fixed omission of style theme 01 in the media queries for tablets. On new insertions of CCM structures, the responsive CSS file will be deployed after the default CSS file. On existing pages, you should ensure that the responsive CSS file comes after the default CCM CSS file, moving them if necessary. An example of the optimum order:

<link href="p7ccm/p7ccm01.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="all">
<link href="p7ccm/p7ccm-responsive.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="all">

For existing Pages linked to
prior versions of p7ccm-responsive.css

The original p7ccm-responsive.css file contains an omission—style theme 01 was omitted from the tablet media query. To correct your media queries, replace the content of your p7ccm-responsive.css file with the following code:

PVII CSS Column Composer Magic
Copyright (c) 2011-2012 Project Seven Development
Responsive Rules


@media only screen and (min-width: 0px) and (max-width: 719px) {
body {min-width: 0px;}
.p7ccm-col {
float: none;
width: auto !important;
position: static !important;
margin: 0px !important;
.p7ccm01-content, .p7ccm02-content, .p7ccm03-content, .p7ccm04-content, .p7ccm05-content, .p7ccm06-content {
padding: .5em 1.5em;
border: none !important;
height: auto !important;
max-height: 888678px;
.p7CCM01, .p7CCM02, .p7CCM03, .p7CCM04, .p7CCM05, .p7CCM06 {
min-width: 0px !important;
max-width: none !important;
width: auto !important;

/*Medium Windows and Tablets*/
@media only screen and (min-width: 720px) and (max-width: 1000px) {
body {min-width: 0px;}
.p7CCM01, .p7CCM02, .p7CCM03, .p7CCM04, .p7CCM05, .p7CCM06 {
min-width: 0px !important;
max-width: none !important;
width: auto !important;

/*Smartphones ONLY - Use this Query to include additional special rules for smartphones only.*/
@media only screen and (max-device-width: 480px) {

2.4.8: Column Composer Magic is now responsive. Simply inspect a CCM structure on your page (open the interface as if you are going to edit) and click OK. The system will add a new responsive CSS file to your page and check to see that you have a viewport meta tag. Your composer columns will reflow in smartphones to display perfectly.

2.4.6: Now when you create a CCM structure, you will see it outlined with a colored dashed border in Dreamweaver Design View. Each structure will receive a separate outline. This will help you identify root and nested structures when you want to edit them. In the interface, as you select a row, the actual row on the page will highlight to help you orient yourself. Added new option to Select Action dialog that allows you to add a new, separate and adjacent structure below the current one.

2.4.1: Revised Preserve Content and Content Switching algorithm to ensure that orphaned/existing content is moved to a logical new location when you change column configurations. For example, when switching from a 3 column with left/right sidebars configuration to a 2 column with right sidebar, the content that was in the main column remain in the main column of the new configuration. Also includes minor optimizations of CSS files and an updated Design Time style sheet to better work around limitations in Dreamweaver Design View and thus make the Design View presentation look more like what you see in a real modern browser.

2.3.9: Fixed problem with Remove button functionality in older versions of Dreamweaver.

2.3.8: Updated handling when used with Dreamweaver's DWT (Templates) features.

Do you need the update?

You only need to update If your current version is less then 2.5.0

To be certain, open Extension Manager and check your version number.

Downloading the updated version

To download the latest version, go to our customer service download center:

PVII Download Center

Follow the instructions to find your order or to have your order history sent to you. Once you locate your order, you will have access to the download.


  1. Unzip your download
  2. Install the extension using the Extension Manager
  3. When prompted to overwrite existing files or replace your existing version, choose Yes or Yes To All
  4. Restart Dreamweaver to complete the update process