Magic Box Gallery in Flex Grid Magic

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Click or Tap a thumbnail to launch a Magic Box slide show. The side show will contain arrows to traverse all images. To close the slide show, press your Escape key, click or tap the close icon at the top rght corner of each image, or click/tap off the image.
This Flex Grid is set to use the Width Basis by Image method, set to a percentage of the image's natural size.
Each thumbnail can have a caption or descriptive text above or below
Grayset on Triton
Man in the Mountain
I Hear You...
Desert Rumblings
Slick Meanderings
Sand Blasted
Getting a Handle on Emerging Visions
Sunken Shapes
My Heart for a Kiss...
Balloon Heads
Well, It Didn't Leak Before...
Airforce Four
I have No Idea
Sand Sailors
Call Home...
First Contact

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