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CSS Affinity Theme PacksExpand your design options with New Affinity Themes

Affinity Theme Packs are add-ons to the Core Affinity System. Please visit the Affinity updates page to make sure you have the latest version of the Core System installed.

Available Affinity Themes

The following Affinity Theme Packs are retired. Use the links to see documentation and examples.

Affinity Aspire

A Simply Elegant and Classic Addition to your Affinity Toolbox

Aspire Theme Home Page | Aspire Examples


Affinity Nova

A Uniquely Engaging Addition to your Affinity Toolbox

Nova Theme Home Page | Nova Examples


Affinity Mobius

A Uniquely Engaging Addition to your Affinity Toolbox

Mobius Theme Home Page | Mobius Examples


Affinity Metroplex

It's so incredible it's almost alive...

Metroplex Theme Home Page | Metroplex Examples

Metroplex includes a library of awesome CSS animations that you can easily assign to any element on your page to give that element life.

Affinity Boardroom

A Groundbreaking Addition to your Affinity Toolbox

Boardroom Theme Home Page | Boardroom Examples

Affinity Boardroom extends the scope of your Affinity layout choices to include designs suitable for a corporation or professional firm that wants to present a serious image without sacrificing design. Like all Affinity designs, Boardroom is mobile-ready and responsive. Boardroom comes with a fully commented CSS file to assist you in customizations. Of course, PVII support is always ready to help you whenever needed. Boardroom also comes with a suite of custom Dreamweaver Snippets that enable you to customize the row and column configuration of your pages.

Affinity Garnet

Garnet adds a splash of jewel-like elegance to your Affinity toolkit. It also adds a cool new style theme for your Drop Menu Magic system.

Garnet Theme Home Page | Garnet Examples

The Affinity interface

Choose from 5 responsive Page Designs, then choose a Theme, then click Create, and your page is automatically created.

CSS Affinity  Interface