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PMM2 Tweaks and Inspiration

These examples are meant to illustrate some interesting and useful ways to tweak your PMM2 menus. Some of them contain instructions, while others are simply examples. To see how an example was made, examine the source code and the CSS files and look for the changes. If you need help, log on to our PVIIWEBDEV newsgroup and start a discussion.

Also see: PMM2 Knowledge Base

PMM 2 Inspiration

Image-Based Vertical Menu: Signs

IQ Page Pack Makeover: With transparent menu!

Horizontal Sub-menus

PMM 2 Tweaks and Tutorials

Popping Out with CSS Level 3 Shadows and Curves

Advanced Positioning Made Easy

Converting an existing PMM1, Spry, Suckerfish, or general UL-based menu to PMM2

Using PMM2 with Server Includes

An Accessible PMM2 Menu

PMM2 CSS Glossary