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overview: editing menu widths

When you create a menu, you insert it into an appropriate container: a table cell, a CSS-positioned DIV, or a Dreamweaver Layer. Your menu container is an integral part of your page layout and will most likely be set to a specific width. The root sections of your menu - the top-level sections that display when the page loads, should be the same width as your container. Your sub-menus - the menus that pop up from the root - can be wider (or narrower) if you need them to be. This section's tutorials will show you how to modify the width of your root menu, and also of your sub-menus, for both vertical and horizontal Pop Menu Magic menus.

Horizontal menus require a little extra planning because your menu container must be wide enough to accommodate the width of your root menu items multiplied by the number of root menu items you have.

Vertical menus are a bit easier to deal with because the root width never changes - no matter how many root menu items you have, which means you can have as many root items as you need and it will not affect the width of your menu container.

This section contains four tutorials that show you how to adjust menu widths for Vertical and Horizontal Pop Menu Magic menus:

  1. Vertical Root Menu Width
  2. Vertical Sub-Menu Widths
  3. Horizontal Root Menu Width
  4. Horizontal Sub-Menu Widths

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