Overlay Magic Smart Box

Overlay Magic is more than a menu system. It can also be utilized to launch overlaid Smart Boxes that contain text, images, or video. Think of it as a smarter, automated alternative to FancyBox or FlexBox. Consider it a modern and responsive alternative to older popup box tools.

Smart-Box Demo 1

See an example containing an image and some text. As you launch the three example popups contained on this page, note the difference in overlay color, box-width, and type of content.

Smart-Box Demo 2

Using a light-colored style theme and a unique overlay color.

Smart-Box Demo 3

OMM supports YouTube, Vimeo, and other iframe-based players.

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With Overlay Magic, you can think outside the box. You can open a really cool box. A fancy box. A magic box. A Smart Box. Get it? Overlay Magic. It's by PVII. And that means it's good. Very good.


A lovely blue flower deserves a Smart-Box container. Overlay Magic... better than the average widget.


Overlay Magic supports iframe-based video, such as YouTube or Vimeo.