The perfect menu for coders and non-coders alike...

Suffer from Code Phobia? Adaptive Menu Magic (AMM) is your perfect menu. The user interface, which installs into Dreamweaver, gives you amazing control over the look and behavior of your menu. You can colorize each component of your menu: the root container, the root links, and the sub-menus individually using easy to understand color keywords. In all, there are over 6,000 possible color combinations (we did the math). Need to style a single link? Easy. It's all up to you. You can create a veritable rainbow if you want. Are you a serious coder? Well, this is your menu, too. Our code is squeaky clean and unobtrusive. You can set your own CSS classes on the entire menu and on each and every link, giving you the control you crave. And what about accessibility? Well, we provide full Aria and keyboard support. Everything has been considered.

Adaptive Menu Magic is the Every Menu for Dreamweaver. An investment in excellence.

Sample Horizontal Menu

The menu below is a sample menu. The links do not actually go anywhere. It's purpose is to illustrate the features of Adaptive Menu Magic. The sample menu makes use of custom-colorized links and user-class based text styling. Adaptive Menu Magic is so easy to customize!

AMM Does Vertical Menus too...

Sample Vertical Menu

Menus can be displayed horizontally or vertically. All it takes is checking one box in the Adaptive Menu Magic user interface. The box is conveniently labeled Vertical Menu to avoid any confusion.

Key Features

Custom Alignment Options

Responsive & Adaptive

Makes Dreamweaver Better

No coding Required (unless you want to!)

Unlimited Sub-Menu Levels

Fits Any Layout... Always

Meets Aria and Keyboard Accessibility Standards

Automatically Adapts to Screen Size

User Defined Root Item Prioritizing

Convenient Interface Inside Dreamweaver

Over 6,000 Color Combinations

Window Edge Detection

And much more...

An Investment in Excellence!

I already have a menu.
Why should I consider Adaptive Menu Magic?

Adaptive Menu Magic has been in R&D for nearly a year. It utilizes the latest programming and CSS techniques and is powered by a handcrafted and purposefully-coded JavaScript engine. Whether you have Pop Menu Magic, Drop Menu Magic, a jQuery menu, or a Bootstrap menu, Adaptive Menu Magic has raised the bar. There is nothing that compares in terms of power, features, stability and automation. Consider the points below:

  • Adaptive Menu Magic (AMM) always fits. That is, it will never wrap to more than a single line. If your page is not wide enough to display all of the root menu items, a new menu item will be generated. By default, this menu item is called More... But you can change the name to match your needs, or your local language, in the AMM user interface.
  • AMM supports the Aria web accessibility standard, as well as standards for keyboard navigation.
  • AMM supports smooth scrolling to any element on your page, making it a breeze to design single page sites or special-purpose pages.
  • AMM allows you to choose a color set for the root menu, the root menu items, and the sub-menus. In all, this gives you over 6,000 color combinations.
  • AMM also allows you to set colors for individual menu items.

Color Choices

There are 19 color sets included in the Adaptive Menu Magic UI (20 if you include None). Each component of your menu can be individually colored, giving you over 6,000 possible combinations. The color choices are identical to the ones that come with our Harmony Page Layout Builder, too... meaning Harmony users can coordinate their menu and page design in seconds.