PVII Gallery Magic: 5th Avenue

  • Winter Oak
    Descriptions for each image are entered into the PVII Gallery Magic window and the systems retains your entries in memory for easy updating.
  • Winter Beech
    Descriptions can be brief, verbose, or simply not used at all.
  • Pondside
    Descriptions and Captions are carried in the page markup and are always available to search engine spiders.
  • Golden Leaf
    PVII Gallery Magic allows you to use any size images. The system also automates the task of optimizing and scaling your images - and can even create your thumbnails, while preserving your multi-megapixel originals.
  • Sumac
    Not only does Gallery Magic optimize and size your images, it also automates the process of populating your galleries - simply click a button and point Gallery Magic to your image folders and all the boring, repetitive work is done for you.
  • Bald Cypress
    As engaging and interactive as Gallery Magic is, it's also accessible to users who might have JavaScript disabled - as well as to search engines. If script is disabled, all of the thumbnails are revealed and clicking them will load their related full size images.
  • Live Oak
    Descriptions are carried in the actual markup, right below their related images so that search engines can see them. The description element can be separately styled with CSS.
  • Mountain Ash
    As you can see, there's a lot of power and magic built into Gallery Magic.
  • Winter Elm
    If you don't enter a description, none will appear. Descriptions and captions are one of the many optional features built into Gallery Magic.
  • Redwood
    The gallery examples illustrate how Gallery Magic can be customized to take on different looks. It's all done with CSS so you have lots of control.
  • Golden Maple
    Gallery Magic comes with several style themes that you can use as starting points from which to design a custom look for your special and precious images.
  • Olive
    Now look at the trees!.
  • Mangrove
    These are very interesting roots.
  • Autumn Birch
    Let the sun shine in.
  • Spring Birch
    Let some more sunshine in.
  • Peels
    Now that is really cool.
  • Ancient One
    Trees are fascinating.
  • The Clearing
    Trees are serene.
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