"I've been looking for an elegant gallery product for a long time. This one fulfills all the requirements my most demanding clients have! "

-Joe Makowiec [Beta Tester]

"Image Gallery Magic is simply one of those PVII products you must have. Magic is an underplay of how this gallery works and the time it saves. Take images directly from your camera and allow Image Gallery Magic to format and size both large and thumb images while you simply watch. I have never seen anything like it!"

-Peggie Brown [Beta Tester]

"Have you dreaded doing a Photo galery because of all the work involved in manipulating your images? Well dread no more because Image Gallery Magic from PVII allows you to create an attractively styled photo gallery in less than five minutes with just a few mouse clicks. Modifying and adding to your creation is equally as easy. It's a must have for anyone who does photo galleries."

-Robert Boughner [Beta Tester]

"I was looking for a flexible image gallery product that would be flexible enough to adapt to my designs easily... not the other way around. Image Gallery Magic delivers on that requirement beautifully and adds incredible power and ease of use to let you build image galleries quickly. Image Gallery Magic takes care of everything for you as it seamlessly taps the power of both Dreamweaver and Fireworks to automate the process of creating your galleries in a way I had never seen before. As with every other PVII product I have ever purchased, Image Gallery Magic delivers on its promises and gives you more than you expect. This one is an absolute must-have!"

Stephane Bergeron [Beta Tester]

"Amazing results. Simple to use. Simply amazing!"

David Powers - Author: Foundation PHP for Dreamweaver 8 [Friends of Ed]

"Never mind my clients. I finally have a product I can use to showcase my own work! Image Gallery Magic integrates seamlessly with my existing site and, like all PVII products, makes me appear far more clever than I really am."

Lisa Firke - Beta Tester (and very clever in her own right)

"This is, by far, the best image gallery I've ever seen... It's so easy to use and the results are nothing short of magic!"

Donna Casey - [Beta Tester]

"PVII has done it again! Image Gallery Magic is the answer to all of my gallery woes. Finally I can have an image porfolio that I'm proud to show to my current and future clients. It's simply iMagic!"

John Tucker [Beta Tester]