PVII Gallery Magic: Terrazzo

  • Mountainette
    Descriptions can be styled in various ways or can be omitted. They are completely optional.
  • Parched
    Descriptions are carried in the actual markup, right below their related images so that search engines can see them. The description element can be separately styled with CSS. In this example, descriptions have a different font-family set.
  • From on High
    An aerial view of the ground.
  • Cracks
    It's going to blow!.
  • Desert Flower
    The desert in bloom - or the bloomin' desert.
  • Sand Art
    Was this photoshopped?
  • Petrified
    They only look like bones.
  • Camel
    Pardon me, where is the nearest Starbucks?
  • Fox Kit
    Sleeping fox kit.
  • Tottering
    Just one little push in the right spot...
  • Crevices
    Now that's a neat rock wall.
  • Desert Green
    The desert has green spots if you look long enough.
  • Canyon
    Butch and Sundance went thataway.
  • Rock Formation
    Yes. Another rock.
  • Scooped
    Yet another rock.
  • Rock of Ages
    And the last rock.
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