Update Version 0.2.5

Before installing the new version, you should delete the folder containing your previous version. It will no longer be needed. If your previous version is represented with a Task Bar icon delete it, as it will reference the older version

Download the file and save it to a new folder on your hard drive.
Download (Win)

Follow the installation instructions here...

Windows instructions

Mac instructions

Your new Version will automatically display any extensions installed with your previous version

Update notes

0.2.5 (10/9/19)

Updated to latest version of Adobe ExManCmd (7.8)

0.2.4 (10/15/18)

Updated to support Dreamweaver CC 2019

0.2.3 (10/19/17)

Updated to support Dreamweaver CC 2018

0.2.0 (6/22/17)

Updated to support non-English (North American, en_US) Locale versions of Dreamweaver CC 2017

0.1.7 (11/3/16)

Updated to add support for Dreamweaver CC 2017

0.1.5 (3/8/16)

Added "Check for Updates"

Fixed issue with spaces in folder names


PVII Extension Manager is designed for Adobe Creative Cloud versions only. If you are running CS6 (or earlier) versions of Adobe products, you should continue to use the Adobe Extension Manager that came with your product.

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