IE7 Release Candidate

This page demonstrates three CSS rendering bugs in the IE7 Release Candidate. Of course, you must be viewing this page with IE7 to see the bugs.

Absolute position box model

When an absolutely positioned element is assigned borders or padding - and a width - , the box-model width calculation is incorrect. In this case, the flyout sub-menus in the menu at left are absolutely positioned and have borders assigned, as well as a width. The right border is not rendered correctly and the background becomes transparent where overlaps occur. This is a new bug not present in IE6.

List item white space

This page also displays the list item vertical gap bug, an old bug, that causes list items that contain block links to have vertical gaps.

a:hover not rendered (fixed in Beta 3)

Because the a:hover rule for the menu is in an imported style sheet, the a:hover behavior is not carried out.

The fixes

The fixes are fairly straightforward and simple - but, as with all the fixes in our IE7 suite, we urge you to use them for testing only. If these bugs are fixed before the final release of IE7, then the fixes will be unnecessary and could, in fact, cause problems themselves.

See the fixed page