TreeMenu Magic -Open Section Link Modification

This is the second page -the Menu Section One link should be in its open state.

There are occasions when you would like to have a Menu Section item also link to another page, perhaps an intro page for that section.

The Menu Section One link on this page has been activated to load a new page whenever the link is clicked. When the new page is loaded, Menu Section One will automatically expand to show its submenu.

Here's a code tweak that enhances the functionality of the automatic opener to include the menu section links as well:

How to...

1. First, activate the menu section link. Supply an actual hyperlink to load the desired page, this will take the place of the default hash (#). The link will now look like this:

<div><a href="open_tmm_section_one.htm" onClick="P7_TMenu(this);return false">Menu Section One</a>

2. We will also need to remove the ";return false" from the onClick event of the link, otherwise nothing will happen :-) The link should now look like this:

<div><a href="open_tmm_section_one.htm" onClick="P7_TMenu(this)">Menu Section One</a>

3. Next, we'll make a code tweak to the P7_TMopen() function:

-Look for the 4th line in the script, it will look like this:


-Replace this entire line with these two lines:


-Be sure that this is on exactly two lines.

-Save and close the file.


That's It!

Now the menu will automatically open to any menu section or menu link item that corresponds to the page being loaded.

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