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You asked for: Horizontal Glider Magic

Item #274
How can I get my HGM Glider to conform to the width of a table?
Item #278
With the Auto Play in Horizontal Glider Magic (HGM) is there a way to have the Auto Play go back to the first panel when it finishes?
Item #279
In Horizontal Glider Magic (HGM) is there a way to have the Auto Play display the first panel longer, say twice as long, as the normal play time when the page first loads?
Item #280
I'm using the Horizontal Glider with Mouse Over action turned on. Is there a way to have a click on the trigger load a linked page? activate the trigger links?
Item #281
After navigating through the different tabs of a Horizontal Glider Magic (HGM) system, is there a way to have the Reload and back buttons to go to the last active panel instead of always going to panel #1?
Item #285
On pages with the Horizontal Glider Magic (HGM) system, particularly in IE browsers, there is an occasional flash, or the page never fully loads and the system does not function. Is there a work around for this?
Item #290
Can I have a link that will open a page that contains an Horizontal Glider Magic (hgm) system and trigger a specific content panel to open when the page loads? Perhaps by using a special anchor or an URL parameter?

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