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You asked for: Pop Menu Magic 2

Item #255
Is there a place where I can find more Pop Menu Magic 2 (PMM2) examples or tweaks?
Item #256
I upgraded to Pop Menu Magic 2 - Can I upgrade my existing menus to PMM 2?
Item #257
Can I insert a Pop Menu Maigc 2 menu into a Curvitude page?
Item #258
My Pop Menu Magic menu sub-menus go behind other parts of my page. Is there a fix for this?
Item #263
Can I easily convert an existing PMM1, Spry, Suckerfish, or ordinary list-based menu to PMM2?
Item #269
In Pop Menu Magic 2 (PMM2) is there a way to assign the target attribute? so the link will open in a new window, or the link will open the page in a different frame.
Item #272
With Pop Menu Magic 2 (PMM2) is there a way to have the sub menu that corresponds to the current page be always open and visible (persistent)?
Item #284
On pages with the Pop Menu Magic 2 (PMM2) system, particularly when using the Auto Center option and IE browsers, there is an occasional flash before the menu sets up or the page never fully loads. Is there a work around for this?
Item #293
Can I set the Pop Menu Magic 2 (PMM2) Current Marker system to automatically open to a specific menu item by matching to a specific URL parameter?

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