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You asked for: Lightshow Magic

Item #240
Is there a place I can find tweaks or enhancements for Lightshow Magic?
Item #241
I'm using Lightshow Magic on a Mac OSX computer and the Build Mode "Automatic Using Fireworks" option is grayed out (disabled) or is not functioning correctly. Is there a fix for this?
Item #245
Is there a way to have the Lightshow Magic system open automatically when the page loads?
Item #246
Is it possible to link to a Lightshow Magic page and have it auto open with a specific slide number? perhaps using url parameters or page anchor?
Item #249
How can I have all of the thumbnails in Lightshow Magic show in their natural size?
Item #251
How can I prevent the Lightshow from closing when the user clicks on the dimmed page background in Lightshow Magic?
Item #254
When clicking on a link assigned to the full-size image in Lightshow Magic is there a way to have the linked page open in a new window?
Item #266
My Lightshow Magic gallery is running slowly in IE8. Is there a fix for this?
Item #282
My page contains a large amount of page assets, Flash elements and large images that take quite some time to load. Is there a way to initialize the LSM system faster rather than waiting for the page to finish loading all of the page assets?

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