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Question #76

I am using a fluid (centered or percent-width) table-based design for my site. How can I keep the scroller where I want it?

The Answer

Prepared Jan. 2002 by Ken Ford, PVII Support

You will need to nest the entire scroller in a "daddy layer" and use SnapLayers to "snap" the daddy layer to an object (usually an image) on the page.

Once you have the scroller nested in the daddy layer, apply SnapLayers to the <body> tag and make the event onLoad.

Then apply SnapLayers to the <body> tag again. This time make the event onResize.

Now apply the ReDoIt behavior to the <body> tag. Make sure that it is the first (top) onResize event in the Behaviors Panel.

For information on how to nest the scroller look in the GeeWizz User Guide under "Moving a Scroller - Nesting the Entire Scroller".

SnapLayers and ReDoIt are available on our Extensions page.

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