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Question #329

In Tree Menu Magic 3 (TMM3) I have page links on the root triggers. Is there a way that the linked page can be launched with just a single click rather than opening the sub menu?

The Answer

Prepared Apr. 2016 by Gerry Jacobsen, PVII

By default the Tree Menu Magic 3 (TMM3) system is is set to open the sub menu with the first click, and then launch the linked page (if there is one) on the second click of the menu trigger. You can change this to launch the liked page on the first click by deploying this simple code tweak:

1. In Code View open the p7TM3scripts.js file and locate this code block in the P7_TM3trig(a) function, around line 310:

 if(m && a.tm3Sub && a.tm3State=='closed'){

2. Change the 'closed' to 'open' in the first line, so that it now looks like this

 if(m && a.tm3Sub && a.tm3State=='open'){

3. Save the page.

That's it. The system will launch the linked page on a menu trigger with the first click, if the sub menu is already opened then the click will close the sub menu.

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