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Question #328

In Mega menu Magic (MGM) is there a way to assign the target attribute? so the link will open in a new window, or the link will open the page in a different frame.

The Answer

Prepared May. 2014 by Gerry Jacobsen, PVII

There is no support for the target attribute in the Mega Menu Magic (MGM) user interface so you will need to assign the target attribute manually.

To assign the target attribute:

1. In Dreamweaver, click on the link in the menu.

2. Locate the Target drop down selector in the Properties Panel, select the target that you want:

(a) To open the linked page in a new browser window choose "_blank", the link will now look like this:

<li><a id="p7MGMa1_1" class="mgm-root-item mgm-trig" target="_blank">Menu Item</a></li>

_blank - opens the page in a new browser window

(b) To target a frame within a frameset, select the name if the frame, the menu link will look like this:

<li><a id="p7MGMa1_1" class="mgm-root-item mgm-trig" target="mainFrame">Menu Item</a></li>

3. Repeat for any other menu links that you wish to target.

Note: The MGM system will preserve any user-defined attributes on the menu link, including the target attribute, so you do not have to be concerned about loosing these when using the Modify system.

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