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Question #303

When I Browse to a folder to select images I keep getting an error message that indicates there are no files in the folder?

The Answer

Prepared Jul. 2013 by Gerry Jacobsen, PVII

Depending on your computer configuration you might see an error alert like this:

Image of alert Box: There are no Files in this Folder

Adobe is not fully compatible with the latest XP and Vista Service Packs. Trying to select folders in Adobe dialogs (not just the ones launched by our extensions but also Adobe features like the Define Site dialog) only works correctly if you select a root folder. If your target folder is a sub-folder you must manually type in the folder name when you are returned to our interface.

Adobe Hot Fix now available!

Jan-2010 -Adobe has prepared a DwBrowseForFolderUrlHotfix.mxp extension that will fix this issue.

If you are using Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 and are experiencing this issue then you should install this extension:

1. Download the Hot Fix file and un-zip:

Download the DwBrowseForFolderUrlHotfix.mxp

2. Install the DwBrowseForFolderUrlHotfix.mxp into Dreamweaver using the Extensions Manager

3. Re-Start Dreamweaver.

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