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Question #302

In Tab Panel Magic 2 (TPM2) is there a way to have the tab trigger launch an actual page rather than open the associated content panel?

The Answer

Prepared Jan. 2011 by Gerry Jacobsen, PVII

The Tab Panel Magic 2 (TPM2) system includes the built-in ability to have one or more Tabs act as a link only, with no associated content panel. This option is selected directly in the user interface for each Tab and you simply Browse to the page you wish to link.

In the unusual case where you wish to have the TPM2 system load a linked page even though there is an associated content panel you can apply this simple code tweak.

This tweak will always load a new page when the tab is clicked and you have assigned an actual page link to the Tab:

1. Open the p7TPMscripts.js file and locate this line of code in the P7_TPMclick(a) function, around line 385:


2. Replace that line with this modified line:


3. Save and close the file.

4. Assign a valid page link to the Tab by clicking on the Tab in Dreamweaver Design View and using the Link box or Link Browse icon in the Properties panel to assign the link.

That's it! The Tab Panel Magic 2 system will now launch the page designated in the href property of the link. If the Tab button has the default href value and is not an actual page link, then the Tab button will behave as normal and simply show the relevant content panel.

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