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Question #297

Can I have a link that will open a page that contains an Elevator Panel Magic (EPM) system and trigger a specific content panel to open when the page loads? Perhaps by using a special anchor or an URL parameter?

The Answer

Prepared Jun. 2010 by Gerry Jacobsen, PVII

Elevator Panel Magic (EPM) includes an opener detection system that will look for a special URL parameter in the current page address and will open the specified content panel. The opener will look for the EPM component number, an underscore, and the EPM content panel.

Anchor Method: The system will look for epm plus a panel reference after the anchor. The anchor, index.htm#epm1_4, will trigger panel 4 in the first EPM Widget on the page.

URL Parameter Method: The system will look for epm= in the URL parameter. A URL parameter, index.htm?epm=2_4, will trigger panel 4 in the second EPM Widget on the page. You can then give out the entire link, plus the parameter, so people can go directly to your specific content panel.

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