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Question #280

I'm using the Horizontal Glider with Mouse Over action turned on. Is there a way to have a click on the trigger load a linked page? activate the trigger links?

The Answer

Prepared Dec. 2009 by Gerry Jacobsen, PVII

By default the triggers in the Horizontal Glider Magic (HGM) system will ignore any link assigned, except if there is not associated content panel. After applying this tweak the system will allow a page link on the triggers, see it in action on this Example Page.

You can activate the trigger links by applying this code tweak

1. First, be sure that you are running the Horizontal Glider system in Mouse Over mode.

2. Second, assign a valid page link. In Dreamweaver, click on each of the trigger links and assign the page link using the Link box or Browse icon in the Properties Panel.

2. Open the p7HGMscripts.js file and locate this code in the P7_initHGM() function, around line 193:

	    return P7_HGMcontrol(this,'show');

3. Remove the word "return" from the second line so that it now looks like this:


4. Save and close the file.

That's it! Now the HGM system will process the page link assigned to each of the trigger links.

Note: Be sure that you use this tweak only with the"Enable Mouse Over on Triggers" option checked.

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