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Question #274

How can I get my HGM Glider to conform to the width of a table?

The Answer

Prepared Dec. 2009 by Al Sparber, PVII

Tables often do not exist harmoniously with modern DOM and CSS methods.

If you need to deploy an HGM widget in a table, the workaround is simple. Each widget you build is assigned an ID. The first widget is always p7HGM_1. The second one p7HGM_2, etc.

So if your table is 600px wide, and you have widget #1 in there, create a CSS rule assigning the widget the same width as the table and add the rule to any style sheet attached to your page. In this case, the rule would be:

#p7HGM_1 {
width: 600px;
overflow: hidden;

If you are using the large Previous and Next arrows, you will also need to add left and right padding to the above rule to give the container sufficient room to display them.

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