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Question #250

Will my PVII products work in Dreamweaver CS4 or CS5?

The Answer

Prepared Nov. 2008 by Al Sparber, PVII

The first time you launch the Extension Manager CS4 or CS5, you are given the choice of migrating previously installed extensions. If you select Yes, the Extension Manager migrates all compatible extensions and prompts you to restart the application. Once restarted, you can enable any previously installed extension by clicking the Enabled checkbox next to it in the Extension Manager. You can use Extension Manager CS4 to manage extensions for Dreamweaver CS4 ad Extension Manager CS5 to manage extensions for Dreamweaver CS5. However, you canít use it to manage extensions in earlier Dreamweaver versions. To manage extensions in earlier versions of Dreamweaver use the Extension Manager that was installed with those products.

Launch the Extension Manager

Launch the Extension Manager from the Start menu in Windows or the Applications folder on the Macintosh. You can also launch the Extension Manager from Dreamweaver by selecting Help > Manage Extensions.

Sort installed extensions

In the Extension Manager, click a column heading such as Enabled, Version, or Author. For example, to sort alphabetically by author name, click the Author column. To reverse the order of the sort, click the column heading again.

Enable or disable installed extensions in a logical order

In the Extension Manager, select the Enabled checkbox next to the extension you want to enable or disable. If you have extension updates installed, enable the core extension first, then the update. If you have Page Packs that have options to insert PVII menus or widgets, enable the menu or widget extension first, then the Page Packs. If Extension Manager prompts you about overwrites, say "yes to all".

All PVII products are compatible with Dreamweaver CS4. If you experience difficulty it's likely due to missing a step in the migration process. Contact PVII Support if you cannot resolve any issues.

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