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Question #244

The columns in my IQ page are dropping to the bottom in Internet Explorer 6 (IE6). How can I fix this?

The Answer

Prepared Aug. 2008 by Al Sparber, PVII

This is caused by a box-model bug in older versions of IE and is triggered when you insert an image or other element in the page that is wider than the allowable space within the column.

It can also be triggered by the use of italicized text.

To work around this bug, you can check your math to ensure that all images, tables, and other elements in your columns are the correct width. That is, the width of the image is equal to the width of your column minus the left and right padding assigned to the column content DIV.

Another way to fix this, would be to add an overflow:hidden declaration to the #c1, #c2, #c3, #cr rule in your IQ global style sheet:

#c1, #c2, #c3, #c4 {
float: left;
overflow: hidden;

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