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Question #230

Is it possible to have the Tab Panel Magic 1(TPM) system work with mouse over trigger action?

The Answer

Prepared Jan. 2008 by Gerry Jacobsen, PVII

Note: The Tab Panel Magic 1 system has been retired.
The newer Tab Panel Magic 2 system includes this a built in feature, you simply set this as an option directly in the user interface. Upgrade pricing from TPM1 is available.

You can activate MouseOver action on the Tab Panel Magic (TPM) system by applying this simple code tweak:

1. Open the p7tpscripts.js file, look for the last two lines of the P7_initTP() function, around line 26:

tA[0].onclick=function(){return P7_TPtrig(this);};}}}}}}

2. Create a new line just above theses two lines, copy and paste this code into the new line:


so it now looks like this:

  tA[0].onclick=function(){return P7_TPtrig(this);};}}}}}}

3. Next, copy and paste this new mouse over trigger function, P7_TPovr(a), to the end of the scripts file:

function P7_TPovr(a){

4. Save the file.

That's it, the TabPanel buttons will now trigger the panels on mouse over, the animation will not re-fire if you mouse off the content panel onto the tab button. The default onclick action is still preserved and fully functional.

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