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Question #218

In Accordion Panel Magic 1, is there a way to have the section trigger launch an actual page? Can I activate the trigger link and not show a submenu?

The Answer

Prepared Sep. 2007 by Gerry Jacobsen, PVII

Note: This feature is built into Accordion Panel Magic 2

In the Accordion Panel Magic 1(APM) system there is way to tweak the scripts to not trigger any panels when clicked, and instead, to just load the new page contained in the link href.

See example

Revised Sep. 19, 2008

This tweak will always load a new page when the button is clicked. Be sure that you are working with the version 1.0.4 scripts file.

1. Open the p7ABscripts.js file, locate the first line of the P7_ABtrig(a) function, around line 210:

function P7_ABtrig(a){
var i,j=null,op,pD,ad,aT,m=tru..................

2. Make a new line right after the function line and paste this code into the new line:

 if(a.href.indexOf(".")>-1&&location.href!=a.href){return true;}

so it looks like this:

function P7_ABtrig(a){
if(a.href.indexOf(".")>-1&&location.href!=a.href){return true;}
var i,j=null,op,pD,ad,aT,m=tru..................

3. Save the file.

The Accordion Panel will now launch the page designated in the href property of the link.

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