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Question #217

Is it possible to have the Accordion Panel Magic 1 system work with mouse over trigger action?

The Answer

Prepared Sep. 2007 by Gerry Jacobsen, PVII

Note: This feature is built into Accordion Panel Magic 2

You can set the Accordion Panel Magic 1 system (APM) to use mouse over trigger action instead of the default click trigger by applying this simple tweak.

See this example page that demonstrates the Accordion Panel Magic system with the Mouse Over tweak applied.

Here's how to apply the tweak:

1. Download the special tweaked scripts file , unzip and replace your original p7APscripts.js file with this new version.

2. It's best to assure that all of the content panels are the same height, add this style rule to the end of your Accordion Panel css file:

.p7ABcontent {

adjust the 400 to a value that can display all of the content in each panel.

3. Open the Accordion Panel interface and be sure to turn on "Show Only One Panel at a Time" and "Always Keep One Panel Open"

That's it, a mouse over will now trigger the panels, and the click functionality is still available if the user clicks on the trigger.

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